of the European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition




ESPGHAN provides a professional and scientific network of advancing research which seeks to enhance the standards of care for patients and families wherever we work. Founded in 1968 the Society has over 700 members who are Paediatric Gastroenterologists, Hepatologists and Nutritionists, as well as scientists in relevant fields. Some of the world’s most distinguished leaders in their fields are members of our society. ESPGHAN also has members who are trainees, nurses and dieticians to ensure that this growing multi-disciplinary approach improves the outcomes for children in Europe.


Key Activities

ESPGHAN has three standing committees focussing on Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition [G, H & N] respectively. All aim to promote child health and increase understanding and treatment of disease states, ESPGHAN members are also involved in various working groups that concentrate on particular aspects of child care and/or disease states. The committees produce papers and guidelines aimed at improving disease diagnosis and management for children in Europe. The Allied Health Professional Committee aims to enhance the multidisciplinary approach in G, H & N in Europe, and the Trainee Committee promotes and supports specialist training and guides trainees towards full membership of ESPGHAN. ESPGHAN also promotes scientific exchange amongst research groups in Europe and among trainees, young doctors and scientists through G, H & N Schools, Young Investigator Forum’s, Monothematic Meetings, International Schools, and Eastern European Schools.


Annual Meeting Administration Organising Committees

President: Berthold Koletzko, Germany 
General Secretary: Sanja Kolacek, Croatia
Treasurer: Alan Phillips, United Kingdom
Education Secretary: Gabor Veres, Hungary 
International Affairs Representative: Jernej Dolinsek, Slovenia
Scientific Secretary: Marc Benninga, The Netherlands
Committee on Gastroenterology: Yvan Vandenplas, Belgium
Committee on Hepatology: Ulrich Baumann, Germany
Committee on Nutrition: Hans Van Goudoever, The Netherlands
Allied Health Professionals: Sarah Tizzard, United Kingdom
Trainee Committee: Christos Tzivinikos, United Kingdom

Scientific Programme Committee

Scientific Secretary: Marc Benninga, The Netherlands
Gastroenterology: Yvan Vandenplas, Belgium
Hepatology: Ulrich Baumann, Germany
Nutrition: Mary Fewtrell, UK
Allied Health Professionals: Sarah Tizzard, UK
Post Graduate Course: TBC

Local Organising Committee, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Chair: Marc Benninga, The Netherlands
Members: TBC